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Handy Google Commands for Effective Search Results
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Handy Google Commands for Effective Search Results

List of Google Search Commands

Google Search Made Easy.

We all are much aware of the fact that nowadays majority of internet users rely on for searching. Whenever we are looking for something, we first prefer to google. Its the most easy and fast search engine. However, sometime we get unnecessary of non-relevant search results. So we have navigate to next pages to find what we are looking for. This time consuming task can be simplified. Yes, it can be made less hassle free and precise. Google has some effective search commands that can hide irrelevant results. These commands helps you find “relatively what you’re looking” for results.

define command | dezinethemes

define: command

This command in google results displays meaning of a particular keyword. It also displays its synonyms and antonyms. Shows usage of that keyword in example sentences and also provides a translation feature of that particular keyword.


site: command

This handy command in google brings results for a specific website/url. Google displays results that are indexed by its engine for a specific website or domain. This command is handy to check how your website is indexed by google. And based on these results you may want to improve your website content for good SEO purposes.


“<keyword>” Quotation Marks Command

This command is used as “your-keyword-goes-in-here” shown here. Do not write <keyword> in between quote marks. If you want to find a particular sentences or phrases, quotation mark command comes in handy. Google shows results for this specific phrase or sentence in its exact order as entered by you.



“allinurl” command is used for a specific keyword that comes in a website url. For example, if you want to search websites that has “spa” word in their urls. Once you hit enter using this command, google will show you results based on your specific requirement. This command is very useful for getting relative results and get what you are exactly looking for.



This google command is used to find websites that has your “term” mentioned in their title tags. So, all websites or their web pages containing that particular word/keyword will be listed in your results. Another helpful technique for searching exactly what you want.



These commands will save your plenty of time while surfing or finding on internet. Get used-to with these and you’ll be happy searching anything you want 🙂 If you like this article or want to share something, let us know in comments below.

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